Henceforward the beginning of the pregnancy, we are instantly parents. The first time we feel our baby moving, we start to feel and to realize that we are going to irreversibly become parents forever.

Then most likely, a shower of emotions will be occuring.

Pregnancy gives you the time to get used to the idea of being a parent and preparing you for the futur.

After the birth an intense feeling of luck and love for your baby changes your world completely.

Nervertheless after birth, it can be difficult to find out sometimes, why your child is crying, what are their needs and how to help.

So being a mother or father is not alway easy.

Our instinct will guide us, but might be weakened by fatigue, emotions or self-doubt. Or the thought of thinking that there's no way to help your baby get used to everything at times .

Only by living with your baby, collecting experiences every day and by trying things out and finding solutions, you will get to know your child better.

It's so important that you don'tput too much pressure on yourself and believe everything's going to be perfect, because there is simply nobeing perfect in parenting. You'll just have to trust yourself at times and give yourself time to learn!!

The most important thing is always the love you give to your child and yourself.

YOU are the parents and you should be confident, that you will find out what is the best for your baby! Together you need to be a rope move, to support and encourage each other. Then everything will be fine!!

I will carefully listen to your story.

I'll support you find your way and my professional as well as my personal experiences will guide me and be incoroporated in my advice.

Little tips and tricks are often very helpful.

But what you will need most of the time is somebody listening, supporting, ensuring and encouraging you, letting you know that everything is fine and you are doing well!

If necessary  I can forward you to another professional!