Home Care

reimbursed from the CNS

straight after your stay in hospital


When you come home with your baby after the stay in hospital, it is always a joyful and magical, but at the same time a very exiting moment.

Mostly your time at the Maternité is too short to get all the explanations needed. In addition to that a lot of things change from day to day and it's necessary to adapt constantly.

That's why having a midwife coming home can be a preccious help.

This will reassure you and you can come home serenly and confindently as a new little family.

I will accompany you with great joy during this first moving time.

In order tu fulfill this task I will be guided by my professionel experiences from the last 30 years, but as well through the life as a mother.

During every visit I will check the health of mother and baby, exactly as I would do it in hospital, only with a little bit more time and peace.

I will support breastfeeding like bottle-feeding and of course I will contol babie's weight regulary.

Slowly and in steps I will guide you in the care of your baby and how to handle him.

To make daily life with your baby a little bit more easy, I will give you some little tipps and tricks, also helpful for the futur.

But something really important to me will be to listen your story, the experiences you made until now in the new life with your baby, making sure to involve the father and brothers, sisters too.

I will try my best in helping and supporting you, in giving answers to all your questions and needs.


It is always advisable to meet at your home once before the birth ( reimbursed from the CNS), to get to know each other and to give you all informations needed. If you wih I can also give you somme recommandatios for the preparations at home. It is possible adding you to my list to make sure, you have the priority if a lot of demands come up at the same time.