From the moment on we are pregnant, we are straight away parents.

Nerveless after the birth of your baby it is sometimes difficult to find out why he is crying, what are his needs and how can we help him.

It not always is in such a way that you know instinctively, what to do. Only throw the life with your baby, collecting experiences and by trying you find solutions and you will get to know your child better.

It is so important not to put to high expectations on you and to give yourself time!!

The most important is always the love you give to your child.

YOU are the parents and you should be confident, that you will find out, what is the best for your baby! Together you need to be a rope move, to support and encourage each other. Than everything will be fine!!

I will carefully listen, what you have to tell me and support you.

By doing this, personal and professional experience will influence my advices.

Little tips and tricks are often very helpful. Most of the time listening, supporting, insuring and encouraging is nearly all you need!

If necessary I can pass you on to professionals!