Baby handling and Baby care

Finally your baby is born! You have managed it

Straight away you feel this love and a strong connection with your child.

But anyway, sometimes it is difficult to understand, why your baby is crying, what are his needs?? You are not the only one having this feeling not to know intuitively, instinctively what to do.

You need to learn this, step by step, by taking care of your child every day and by making your own experiences. Every day will be different, you can not foresee and be prepared, but you need to adapt every day.

Very often this is exhausting, tiring and sometimes you don't know what to do.

BUT: If you try to imagine how baby's life was in your belly and what it means, the changement of being born to him, than it is much easier to understand him and by that, much easier to help him.

First we will talk about your experience of giving birth.

This is always important for me to understand better, also important for you, to talk about it!

Than you describe me, how is life with your baby?

Is he a calm baby or crying a lot? Is your baby getting afraid very quickly and by what?

We will see the questions you have and I will try to give answers, well adapted to your situation and your baby. I will give you a lot of tips and tricks, helpfully for you and your baby.

What can help him to sleep better?

How can you give him back this feeling of security he had in your belly?

How can he be dressed, get the nappy changed and all the other everyday care without making him stressed and keeping him in his balance.

By that he will be less interfered, less afraid and will have less spanning.

In addition this handling will stimulate his development.

We will discuss lots of other points and will find answers and solutions.