Pregnancy is always a big change, not only for your body, but also in the emotional sense!

You need to take care of some pregnancy complaints; you need to adapt nutrition, sports and even every day movement. You are short of breath and quicker you can feel heart palpitations after having done a little effort. You don't have the same body balance and you don't always realize the size of your belly.

Short and sweet, you need to slowdown, whether you like it or not!

 Also in your emotional life, it is sometimes messed up and you ask yourself many questions about the life with a child and how you, as a couple, will manage this.


During that session we first take the time to talk about how you feel during your pregnancy.


What are your individual needs and questions?


I will help you to understand better the change, both - physical and emotional, and by that make you accept them more easily.


I will give you some practical, tangible advices, which will be helpful during your pregnancy.


If necessary I can redirect you to other professionals.

What should you watch during pregnancy?

When do you need to go to the hospital “in urgency»?


Nutrition, sports, hobbies, traveling...


 The baby during pregnancy

During this session I will explain you the development of your baby during pregnancy.

Your doctor explains you more the medical side of the development of the organs, growth and size of your baby etc.

I will try to explain you the daily life of your child in your belly (= in-utero).

And here it comes to the development of the senses of your unborn child.


When can your baby feel something? When and what can he hear, see, smell...


--> What does he experience during the 9 month of pregnancy?


      His space, his senses, his feelings…


--> What changes for the baby by being born?


If you try to understand this, it will be much easier to find out, what makes your baby cry.

By that you can make him accepting this major change in his life more easier and support him in orienting and adapting  in this new world.


Prenatal Classes

Each birth is a very personal event, reflecting our perceptions, beliefs, experiences and choices of the pregnant woman.


A successful pregnancy and birth is not how much or little technological intervention is brought to bear; rather it is a birth resulting in the healthiest possible baby and mother.


Giving birth is probably the most powerful physical and emotional event in a woman's life.


As you reach the end of the pregnancy, approaching labor and birth, envision the process as you would ideally like it to do unfold.


So you would like to get prepared to the birth of your baby, not only in a physical, but in an emotional sense as well! That's why it is important to explain you, how your body works and what happens during the deliverance.


How can you help your body to work better?


How can you optimally get prepared to that?


How can you help your baby, how can I make it easier for my baby to come down the pelvis?


How can your partner help you? What is his task?


What is a" birth plan"?

I will give you answers on your provide, adapted to your individual view, idea of birth


What to do if the baby is in a breech-position?


 How is the run of a caesarian section?




You did not get a place in the prenatal-courses, did not wanted to be in a group or you did not find the time to do the ordinary courses?


It is not your first birth and you would just like to do a little repetition?

I can propose you one or several courses, with the most important information and answers to your individual questions, adapted to your personal needs.