Early prenatal consultation

(according to the methodology of "Urkind"

(reimbursed by the CNS)


How is your energy level today at the beginning of this pregnancy?

Where does your energy go to and how do you divide it?

What is your energy "robber"?

Where are your ressources? Where do you find support and help? 

What is good for you?

How much energie can you keep for you, your health, your pregnancy, the delivrance and finally your baby?


Together we will get answers to those questions. By this we will try to channel your energy in the right directions.

This way will be beneficial for you and your baby, keeping the power for both of you, getting prepared to all the changements and challenges. You will stay positive and be able to enjoy this magical time.


Prenatal Consulting

 (reimburdsed by the CNS)

Pregnancy is always a big change, not only in a physical, but also in an emotional and mental sense!

You need to take care of some pregnancy complaints; you need to adapt nutrition, sports and even every day mouvement. You are short of breath and suddenly you can feel heart palpitations after only having done a little effort. You don't have the same body balance and you don't always realize the size of your belly.

Short and sweet, you need to slowdown, whether you like it or not!

In your emotional life, it can be sometimes messed up and you ask yourself many questions about the life with a child and how you, as a couple, will be able to manage this.


During this consulation we will first take the time to talk about how you feel in your pregnancy.

Next we will find out what your individual needs and questions are.

I will try to help you to get an easier understanding of the change, both - physicaly and mentaly,emotionaly. This can be a first step to accept and live your pregnancy in a joyful way.

I will give you also some practical, tangible advices, which will be helpful during your pregnancy.

What should you watch during pregnancy?

When do you need to go to the hospital “in urgency»?

How to juge different pains, how to recognize contractions and when is the moment come to go to hospital.

Nutrition, sports, hobbies, traveling...

If necessary I can redirect you to other professionals.



The BABY during pregnancy

 (as prenatal course reimbursed by the CNS)

During this session I will explain you the development of your baby during pregnancy.

Your doctor explains you more the medical side of the development of the organs, growth and size of your baby.

I will try to explain you the daily life of your child in your belly (= in-utero).

And here it comes to the development of the senses of your unborn child.

When can your baby feel something? When and what can he hear, see, smell... What does he experience during the 9 month of pregnancy?

His space, his sensations, his feelings…


--> What are the big changes being experianced by your baby during birth and as a newborn baby?


If you try to imagine this, you will understand his daily life and it will be much easier to find out, what makes your baby cry and how you can help.

By that you can make him accepting this major change in his life by supporting him in orienting and adapting  in this new world.

This will strengthens the basic trust of your child and prepar him to big adventure of life.

( cf Babyhanling will be the class " in real" with your baby  after the birth )