Sandra Namur

I am a midwife since 1992.

I worked in both small and big hospitals.

In both big and small hospitals, I was working in different departments; in a perinatal consulting center, in the delivery room  as well as on the post-natal station .

I have a lot of experience in working freelance.

Since 1995  I give prenatal and parenting classes.

Therefore for  30 years now I've been taking care of pregnant women with their partners and after the birth  of the newborn parents and their babies. 



Now is the time for a change in my professional life.

I decided to stop working in the hospital and only concentrate on my freelance job.

I am leading a midwife consulting in Bertrange and I also do home visits.


My philosophie as a midwife has always been  putting the focus on supporting and strenghtening the abilities of the (futur) parents.

You all have those capacities. My mission is to guide you , to make you stronger in putting your trust in your instincts and increase your self-esteem in being a mother and father.

The most important goal will always be the attachment and the strong relationship between you and your baby , wether this is during pregnancy, the childbirth or later.


I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, through which I learned a lot, also as a midwife. By virtue of these experiences, I have the possibility to influence my work at the best. 

I am a Luxembourger and I speak Luxemburgish, French, German and English. 

I am happy to support you.

You will see, it will be such a wonderful adventure.